Apr 17, 2012

Innisfree Eco Nail 82

My nails are currently the shortest they've been for a while so it seemed like a good time to wear one of the sheer glitter polishes I got last week.  Short nails mean less visible nail line :)

This is Innisfree Eco Nail 82.  A pale yellow creme with copper and green hex glitter and green micro glitter.  The green glitter has the effect of making the polish look a little limey but it's not (despite my photos), it's really a pastel yellow.  It was as sheer as I expected and streaky but I love it.  I love the soft colour, the creme finish and the sparse glitter.

This is three coats which built up just the right amount of glitter to accent the colour without overwhelming it.  Apart from the streakiness, application was smooth, not too thick or thin.  Easily controlled and normal drying time.  The only thing I had a little difficulty with was the short brush.  I don't usually have any problems with short brushes, I have a lot of mini franken bottles, but they have small lids.  This lid is as wide as the bottle so it's difficult to see the brush tip past the lid while painting (if you paint from above like I do).

It's still a bit sheer but for this polish I like it.  I would have stopped at two or even one coat if it wasn't so streaky.  The sheerness worked with the delicate colour.

Photographing it was tricky.  There was no sun to work with yesterday, so low light and slow exposures gave me blurry red fingers, and today was even worse with the rain.
My 3yo helped me take photos and was excited that the polish was yellow.  It's his favourite colour this week.
He tried to show me that it was the same colour as his hair by holding it up next to his face.
Nope not quite a dupe :)


  1. your son is so cute! and his blue eyes look amazing in the first photo :O

    nice polish (: i prefer wearing glitter on short nails too!

  2. gorgeous polish! and such adorable pictures:]

  3. I love this polish, it is so cute!! :D

  4. Awww, he's adorable! I love the polish too, very springy... c'mon be spring already!

  5. Your son has pretty eyes!

    I love this polish! Just a question, how did you manage to get a bottle of it? I know that Innisfree is a Korean brand as I frequently buy a lot of Korean products, and its one that I have trouble getting my hands on.


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