Apr 27, 2012

Glitter Me Up Friday

Shaina from SG Nails has started a little Glitter Me Up Friday group, which means every Friday we wear glitter polishes.  Today being our first glitter Friday I thought I'd kick things off with a very special polish my husband made.  Yep He-Who-Buys-Me-Polish made this franken a while ago for Shatter me Claire's FrankenMarch contest.  Contest details here (it was in March), and you can view the entries here.  My entry was the purple one called Iris You Well and my husbands entry was a bit of a surprise.  He'd been franking behind my back, with my supplies and he made a full sized bottle!  I've only ever made minis myself and he went and used one of my (not empty) Sally Hansen Mega Shine, quick dry, top coat bottles.   Anyway I've been meaning to try his polish ever since (there's a lot to use up) but keep getting distracted by new polishes.  I actually planned on wearing it for Easter as chocolate nails but was a bit over chocolate by the time Easter came.

So for Glitter Me Up Friday I present Sparkly Turd by The Provider.
 A rich coppery brown metallic packed with multi sized glitters in gold, copper and even some tiny bits of blue.  He lists the ingredients as Essence Gold Old Buffy, Essence Grand-plie in Black, (both brand new and never worn and he frankened with them!) Face of Australia Molten Lava, BYS Pot of Gold (for some glitter) plus some big and small copper glitter (I think they are some I got from ebay that tested colour stable) and some Travel to Mercury (which gives a bit of a duochrome).
 There must be something else in there that gives it the blue flecks and whatever was left of the Mega Shine.  The glitter holds up well so he either used some of my suspension base or all the glitter polishes he included are doing the same job.
In the shade outside.

It's well pigmented, I could almost get away with one coat but prefer 2.  The glitter is easy to get out of the bottle but I ended up wiping most of the big bits back into the bottle for a subtler look.  The consistency is good, I didn't have any application issues and the glitter sits flat. It's surprisingly smooth and dries fast, probably because of the Mega Shine in it.   I finished with a coat of Seche Vite.
In the sun.

So far it's holding up well and today has been pretty tough on my nails.  My parents left today for 3 months in Sweden (visiting my brother) and on the way to the airport they had to stop in and swap luggage.  Their's broke so they borrowed my big suitcase which means I had to rummage around under the stairs to find it.  Very hard on the nails, (harder on my head that hit the stairs), but no chipping, cracking or shinkage yet.  I also had a lot of hand washing and floor scrubbing today between the toilet training child and my parents cat who is now staying with us and has decided he doesn't want to use the litter tray :(  Yep it's been an appropriate day to wear Sparkly Turd.

Look, I ended up with a star on my right thumb nail.  I had no idea there were stars in there, I can't see any in the bottle.  Sorry for the poor photo.  It is so hard to take a photo of my own right thumb.
Now if you'd like to see the rest of the Glitter Me Up Friday players hurry along to...

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  1. love love love this!

    i remember this polish when i joined the franken contest. hahaha

    you have a very talented hubby for being able to make this creation.

  2. I love this color. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! You have a very talented husband.

  3. Love your sparkly turd. The Provider did such a great job with this franken. The colours compliment each other very well. I highly doubt Mr kitties would have done such a great job.


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