Apr 15, 2012

A week of nail mail

I had a great week of nail mail so I thought I'd share some pics.  I've swatched all these on a nail wheel but haven't worn any yet.  Some are dupes of each other, or polishes I already have, so I'm looking forward to doing some comparison posts.  I also received 2 custom Dalek coffee mugs I ordered and some more nail polish jewellery making supplies this week.  It's been a good week (except for the hairdresser bleaching my hair orange!).

My latest ozsale order arrived Tuesday while I was out which meant having to wait until the next day to pick them up from the post office.  I wasn't too impressed when I dragged junior out to the post office Wednesday only to find that my parcel had been taken to another post office (quite a bit further away) because the local post office doesn't have room for parcels.  Really not impressed!
This package was actually really well packed with plenty of bubble wrap, unlike my last polish order from ozsale which was sent as loose bottles in a bag with no wrapping.   I must admit I was a bit worried about what state these would arrive in.  I'm so glad there were no breaks or leaks.
This order was all Revlons.  I've mostly overlooked Revlons in my collection.  Something about the dated bottle shape just doesn't appeal to me which means I don't bother looking when I come across Revlons.  I really don't know why, it's actually quite a practical bottle shape, the wider base makes it nice and stable while using, but I'm a visual person and the look just doesn't work for me.  Plus Revlons have a high retail price here for something so readily available (like OPI).  These ones were only $4 each though so I grabbed a few that I've been curious about.
Here's Modern grace, Super Nature and Glitz & Glam  All look pretty good with 1 coat.

These are Apple-tini Fizz, Mint Fizz, Grape Fizz and Orange Fizz.

The fizzes are scented.  I've never tried scented polish before so I'm surprised at how strong these are.  Really stinky!  Not unpleasant but strong.  I swatched each of these on a nail wheel and left it sitting on my desk and it wasn't long before I had a headache.  So I'm not sure about these.  I'm not a fan of wearing food scented products and I sleep at night with my hands under my chin which means anything on my nails is really noticeable (I choose my nightly hand cream by scent).  The smell hasn't really faded after 4 days but maybe a top coat will tame the scent.  They are really sheer (which I expected) but they have an interesting depth that builds up over many layers and they work well over black.  The Apple-tini Fizz looks good over Super Nature and Grape Fizz looks good over Modern Grace. 

I also finally received most of my order from Ninja Polish  I ordered these on the 3rd March and everything was shown as in stock at the time so I'm confused as to why they have taken so long and I'm still waiting on 1 polish.   These weren't shipped until the 27th.  I understand that popular polishes can sell out quickly but they were in stock when the website let me order and at no point was I told they weren't in stock or that there would be any delay.   The polish I'm still waiting on is a NerdLacquer that I could have ordered from Etsy since.  I've placed and received a NerdLacquer order from Etsy in the time I've been waiting for this order.  I was excited to see another site offering a range of polishes with reasonable international shipping but I am really confused about how the Ninja Polish ordering system works :(
This is Nail-Venturous Floam, the controversial Sticks 'n Stones (yes I have the original too), Up Colors Banho de Mar! flakie and Jessica Iridescent Eye (the Chanel dupe).

Jessica Starry Night and Superstar glitters and  Hologram Chic Disco Diva and Retro Revival base coat

The glitters were included as freebies as compensation for the wait which is really nice but I think I would have preferred to be told there was a delay. Waiting is easier if you know why (at least it is for me). 
The Disco Diva and Retro Revival come as a boxed set.  I've never tried a special base for holos before so this will be interesting.  Disco Diva is one of those holos that doesn't show while wet so in the bottle it looks like silver but when dry it holos beautifully (at least it did on the nail wheel).  The instructions say not to use a top coat so of course I had to try one.  The holo vanished when I put the top coat on but as soon as it dried it looked just as holo as without, but shinier :)

I also received a very special order from Cristina at The Cutest Makeup www.thecutestmakeup.com and I cannot recommend her highly enough!  Wonderful customer service, great communication and everything was very well packed.  Cristina's blog has all those cute Asian cosmetics that you wish you could get your hands on but can't find locally and if you find a website selling them you can't read it (google translate just doesn't work that well for shopping).  Cristina is in Korea and has access to these goodies.  So you can read her blog with all these wonderful products, with prices and photos, then fill in her order and request form and she will shop for you.  It's like having a personal shopper.  It's so easy I may have gone a bit overboard :)  All the way through the process she keeps you updated including sending photos of your goodies once she's got them.  Payment is via paypal and she offers different shipping options.  I chose the fast EMS shipping for this lot because I just didn't want to wait.  Regular shipping from Korea has been taking around 6 weeks lately (from ebay).
I am so thrilled with this order, the products and the service.  I'm already making a mental list for my next order from Cristina.  I'm getting low on my Etude House Missing U Hand cream so if I order soon I can get the cheaper shipping option and hopefully it will get here before I run out.  That's if it's still available, I hope so, I use the green tea/baby seal one and it smells divine!  I put it on at night and when I get up in the morning my hands feel soft (and not greasy).  One of these days I should do a blog post about all the different hand and cuticle creams I have.
So what did I get?  Sorry I'm going by number here, and google for names, because I can't read the names on the labels (if there are any).  Here's Skin Food Nail Vita VI408 (Violet Stone?),  Peripera Perfume Nails P018 (Crystal Blue?),  The Face Shop WH003,  Etude House Petite Darling  PK015 (Romantic Pink?) and BL505 (Ocean Blue or Oh So Blue?)
The Face Shop WH003 and  Etude House PK015 were surprise gifts from Cristina and are just perfect for my recent pink mood.  WH003 is a sparse holo glitter with pretty pink hearts, very delicate and PK015 has a shimmer to it that doesn't show in the photo.
The Peripera is scented but it's subtle, not overwhelming like the Revlons.  On the nail wheel I can only just smell it next to the other polishes.  I actually wanted Peripera P027 but it wasn't available so I left it up to Cristina to pick another colour for me, I just really wanted one of these cute cat bottles. I'm really pleased with this blue she chose, it has a very pretty shimmer to it.
Next we have Innisfree Eco Nail 42, 43 and 73.  All interesting layering glitters.  43 has these large iridescent hex pieces that look amazing over black.

Innisfree Eco Nail 81, 82, 83, 84, 85.  Look how pretty they are!  I couldn't pick just one.

Missha The Style Crystal Nail Polish HGR01 and JPK01.  Tony Moly Nail Glitter GS08 and GS09

I also ordered this new BB cream from Cristina.  I've been using a different Skin Food BB cream but I'm running out so I thought I'd try their Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea.  This one was hard to track down.  Berry Berry is the one that seems best for older skin.
In this photo I've included a cheap red magnetic polish I ordered from ebay which came this week, after 6 weeks.  It was only a few dollars with 2 magnets so I thought it was worth a try.  Initial testing on the nail wheel is disappointing.  It isn't as red as it looks in the bottle, it dries to an almost matte finish and the magnets are really weak.  Even with the magnets from my Laylas it doesn't make much of a pattern.  I'll try it again though.  It was very well packaged with free shipping though :)
Cristina also included some nail stickers and samples which I can't wait to try.  I might just find some new products I 'need' :) 
My problem now is what to wear first.  I cut my nails short today.  The break on my middle nail had finally grown out far enough to cut it off.  It feels strange having short nails.  So does anyone have any suggestions which to wear first, any requests?  I will probably do a comparison post with Chanel Peridot, Jessica Iridescent Eye, Missha HGR01 and other similars like Ozotic/Chemistry, and I think I need to compare Lynnderella Connect the Dots with Sticks and Stones (preferring Lynnderella so far) and probably the Tony Moly GS08 with Innisfree 84.  Oh and I could compare the Jessica with a heap of other holos (Layla is still my favourite) and Up Colors with my other flakies.
Other than that what should I wear?


  1. omgness im loving your korean nail polish haul! ahhhhh i've been wanting peri pera and tonymoly whimsical dupe for so long! (nooooo....save, save!). The innisfree ones look interesting.

    cant wait for your swatches.

    absolutely agree about revlon bottles. for the price, formula and bottle..not my thing but recently there was a sale, so I went for it. :(

  2. That is some really cool nail mail! Those Tony Moly milky glitters are starting to call to me

  3. Awesome polishes! GS09 looks like the combo I have on my fingers right now :) And I think I have the same cheap magnetic polish as you!

  4. Awesome haul! I didn't get the Orange Fizz Revlon but I have the others. I hope I can get my hands on Floam one day! Can't wait to see your swatch. :)


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